Posted on: September 26, 2008 10:01 am
Edited on: September 26, 2008 11:32 am

how does jp the gm of toronto keep his job

how does i gm of the toronto Blue Jays keep his job. he had a five year plan that will now turn into and eight or nine year plan, as he has been brought back to give it another try, no gm has done less and won less and still has kept his job, its almost like he has pictures of godfreys wife or naked pics of ted rogers. He did great buy cutting the slackers when he first got here, trimmed the payroll to teds liking, and then was given an open wallet to go get players.  what he has done is gone out and get three third baseman, all injured, a shortstop in David Eckstein who couldnt hold john macdonalds jock in the infield,   singing him after he signed macdonald to a nice contract, signs eckstein to a big contract, signs frank over the hill thomas to a hugh contract just to cut him three weeks into his second season, if anybody wasted this kind of many or even one tenth of this money they would have been fired long time ago. the only good thing he did this year was fire john gibbons, who i still think did a good job, but then he brings in cito gaston to save his butt, which as much as i like cito i thing he did save jp`s job and that sucks. jp is a great scout of talent, and can find players some cant but he doesnt know what to do with them.   unfortunately we are now stuck with him as i know cito will do a great job with this team next year and will save his job again, so it does look like we are stuck with him for years to come.             
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